XI International Conference NEUF 2015

26 June 2015 (Friday)


On 26th of June 2015 at the Ministry of Economy took place 11th international conference NEUF 2015  entitled „Transformation of the Polish economy through the energy and industry sectors – efficiency, productivity and social dialogue

Cooperation: Public Board for Sustainable Development of the Energy Sector in Poland

Poland is one of the countries which have accepted the huge challenge of transforming their economy from scratch. This is especially important for the energy and manufacturing sectors whose stability is considered the top priority.

The objective of this year's NEUF conference is to discuss solutions for the effective  transformation of the Polish economy leading to improved energy efficiency, increased generation, transmission and distribution capacities, reliability of supplies and, consequently, a higher level of national energy security and greater energy comfort of the end users. Through political, economic and business measures, the transformation is to support the development of strong enterprises so as to ensure sustainable economic development of the country and greater competitiveness on the single European market. Failure to respond to the above challenges may, among others, threaten energy supply security, while failure to increase competitiveness may hamper the investment project potential.

Experiences of European countries which decided early on to implement thorough reforms of their energy and industry sectors (e.g. the UK, Germany and Norway) indicate that competition mechanisms and innovation are among the most effective drivers of efficiency improvement.

Transformation of the economy is a difficult task because its success depends on numerous factors; it should be economically justified and socially acceptable. It should be implemented with particular regard to the interests of the public while respecting the need to meet the ­requirements resulting from our commitments to the European Union.

During the NEUF 2015 conference, the participants of the discussions talked about the results of the development activities implemented to-date in the energy and industry sectors, about the necessary investments and ways to initiate and support them, about the efficient implementation of investment projects, and about technologies supporting development and innovation.









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